"Like the Flow of a River" Poster - Graphic Design 


A poster designed for the independent student film "Like the Flow of a River", written/directed by Natalie Murao.

Natalie and I were fixated on one of the stills from the production of her film - an overhead shot of the restaurant table the two characters in the film are sitting at. The image does a good job of representing the setting of the film, as well as includes a central theme of the film. (Communication through food/drink culture.) 

Once we had decided to proceed with the concept, the image was printed, traced, and scanned again. This was so I could make  small additions/exclusions, as well to simplify the process of a hand-drawn, brushed ink look. Once vectorized, I had freedom in the table setting placements - I took the opportunity to neaten the placements, as well as add the table cloth patterning to the background. If you look closely you may be able to see that I recreated the pattern from the table cloth used in the film! The red background was made a little less saturated to not overpower the other elements. The font style was requested by the director, bearing similarities to various Japanese film posters used as inspiration.

Overall, I feel the straightforward sectioning and symmetry of the design work well to match the simplicity of the film. 


For more information on "Like the Flow of a River", please visit Natalie's website. See the film's IMDB page here