Loren Etkin Drumming - Web Design & Development

Loren Etkin is a Vancouver-based drummer and drum instructor. With his history of work, there was more stories and content that we omitted than included, for the sake of brevity!

Loren's told me that his goal was to make sure he had an online presence. I sat down with him and asked questions, and tried to figure out what were the most important parts of his career as a drummer.

We settled on featuring his services as a drum instructor as well as a drum performer. The viewer and their desires were the main focus when shaping the two services pages.

The drum lessons page for example has many horizontal breaks to differentiate the different areas of teaching Loren provides. The headers for each section are in a dark bold font to further facilitate the blocking. This was oriented towards parents who lead busy lives and don't have interest in searching for what the instructor offers. If they would like to learn more about him as a teacher, we've provided the "about" page.

Meanwhile, the performance page is more of a CV of his performance history. We included some testimonials from those who've performed with Loren, as well as a link to a list of albums that Loren's worked on. 

All credit for the awesome studio photos of Loren goes to Rick Etkin. 

url: lorenetkindrumming.com